POS Software Built With The Features Retailers Need Most

Mobile & iPad-Friendly POS For Store Owners

  • Powerful, Cost-effective Cloud POS
  • Comprehensive Inventory for Retail and Food Costing
  • Efficient CRM & Home Deliveries
  • Instant Web & Mobile Ordering
  • Order Management and dispatching
  • Drivers Mobile APP
  • LIVE Business Dashboard
    In-built Loyalty Program
  • Franchise and Multi-branch Friendly
You can place the order using:
  • POS machin
  • Mobile,iPad or any tablet device
  • Normal PC

Also Order can be placed from your customer side using your eCommerce website or mobile APP

Delivery :

Manage your Drivers in a distinctive and easy way that ensures the orders reach your customers accurately on time.

  • Locate each driver location accurately
  • Time spent in delivering each request

Easy & Reliable

POS interface designed to be a pleasure to use — on a desktop, laptop or a touch-screen tablet. Browse your menu categories, add items to the bill, and place an order with a just few clicks or taps. Or use the quick search feature to rapidly find menu items and add them to the order.

With ‘Modifiers’, you can easily add customer preferences such as “less spicy”, “extra cheese” or any custom options.

Smart but yet Simple Staff Management

Magento Web POS helps you secure your system by assigning levels of access by staff. Normal cashiers may create & view their own orders whereas store managers can issue refunds and track orders of other staff.

Multi-location Friendly

Cloud POS was built to support multiple locations. You can assign staff to different locations, configure the menu and take orders for any location, all from a single administration. Cloud POS liberates you to do things that are impossible with a traditional POS. Want a central call center for multiple locations? We covered!

Customer management

Customer profiles can be created with new orders. You can track down their shopping habits, order history and contact at a glance.

Online Demo

100% Offline Mode

Work offline and online, ensuring that your sales are up regardless of the internet connection.

Efficient Home Delivery Management

Stay on top of your entire home delivery order cycle with incredible ease. Track home deliveries — from the minute your customer places an order, to when it is delivered at their doorstep. Instant insights into preparation, pick up and delivery time helps you identify issues, and be in total control of the quality of your home delivery operations.

Real-time SMS Alerts

Send pro-active real-time SMS alerts to your customers through every stage of home delivery order fulfilment. No more follow-up calls from customers to find out where their food is. Your customers are always up-to-date on their order status, instantly.

Delivery Assistant

An awesome mobile app that just works; give your drivers a personal assistant that tells them what orders to deliver, how long customers have been waiting, and where. What’s more, it works on any mobile device – Android, iOS