Powerful mobile shopping apps downloadable in App Stores

You will have professional magento shopping apps that can be used for iPhone, iPad, Android devices (native apps). Mobile users will love to use your shopping apps because it takes them LEAST time to purchase! Doubt it? 1 minute to search products by scanning bar code, QR code, 0.5 minute to login by connecting Facebook account, then 2 minutes to check out quickly by auto filling GPS address.

Your shopping apps and magento website are synchronized

All product details, shipping rates, languages and currencies will display in your apps. Make changes in your website? Same time , your apps are updated as well.

Send notifications to a world? For pending orders?

Yes, and yes. Sending notifications to all of your users’ mobile devices is just the basic! reach your customers with automatic and personalized notifications. For example, ” 25%off just for you today!” or “You have a pending order, how about checkout with this coupon ABC?”. Imagine how many more orders you can convert! You can even make it more attractive with IMAGE and manage all right in your magento admin panel.

QR Code Scanner

When merchants customer’s scan a QR code with Elite m-Commerce, it automatically redirect to the corresponding product information.

Support Large Inventory

App will be instant and will support large volume of products, as this app is introduced with an innovative implementation of fast loading technology. This ensures instant loading and functioning of apps.

Social Login

Your customers can login into their account in mobile app using their Facebook account. This feature will work in your mobile app.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Integrated with PayPal payment gateway and payment gateway. Do you need more payment gateway integrations? We are ready to customize your app based on your requirement.

Reward Points

Reward point is one of most powerful solution for increase the customers’ loyalty and increases the sales. This feature allows you to reward your customers for any purchase and any other actions they do in your store like social sharing, like and referral programs, with points which can be redeemed for discounts or any other benefits in your store.

Custom Colors
Custom layout

Choose the brand’s color, upload logo, banner sliders so your magento shopping apps will look like YOURS. You can even pick layout themes that you prefer (Matrix Theme, Fashion One). You can be assured that every button or space in your shopping apps is built and reviewed carefully for the best mobile user experience.

Customize your preferred features and language

We know your business is unique, and so should your magento shopping app be! Whether your app needs to be simple or packed with features, make it your own by adding your preferred plugins. we supports all languages, and we have even translated 16 most popular languages for your ease of use