What is best POS system and Which fulfill my business needs

Have you ever stood in a line at a register trying to scapple through your pockets for enough cash to pay for your groceries? I have. I am standing there, embarrassed, and sweating just because I forgot to make that one trip to the ATM. As I am contemplating whether to run back to an ATM machine or to simply surrender to my horrendous luck, I spontaneously peek at the employee standing behind the cashier. A young man is scurrying through receipts and items simultaneously. Gazing closely, I draw the conclusion that this man is probably way more distressed than I am now. Obviously overwhelmed, the man attempts to juggle scanning items, determining costs, and giving out receipts for customer after another. The situation, to add salt to injury, intensifies during climax hour when customers are piled up on top of each other. People lost items in the congestion and employees handed out wrong receipts. Fortunately, this chaotic situation is unrecurring nowadays. The invention of POS systems allows for the completion of transactions between customers and companies. Therefore, POS systems eliminated the need for cash payments and facilitated the process of transactions for businesses.

What is a POS System?

What is a POS System?

POS system is a computerized network that comprises of the leading computer associated with several checkout terminals and backed by multiple hardware features starting from barcode scanners and culminating with card payment terminals. To simplify it, a POS system is made up of hardware and software that function alongside each other to process sales and payment transactions at the point of purchase.

What does a POS system do?

Undoubtedly, the popularity of POS systems did not appear from the vapor. It rather stemmed from the wide, astonishing functions are within the capabilities of the system. A POS system is the ultimate guarantee that all sales operations go smoothly. That is because the POS system is the central element of any business.  It is the spot where sales and customer management merge. Like a giant cash register, POS systems perform numerous tasks including ringing up items by department, tracking sales, adding taxes, and creating receipts. Additionally, POS systems run operations that are most vital for businesses. More often than not, POS systems track inventory, assist manage vendors, and employee labor costs. All these capabilities come in handy when you consider establishing your own business without resorting to employing workers to perform these tasks.

These functions ultimately facilitated and improved the relationship between the client and the company greatly.

Why Is the POS System Useful?

What is a POS System?

It is safe to state that POS systems proved to be of extreme benefit. It is apparent that the ongoing demand for them is compromised on the other end by a high-end system.

Here are some aspects where a POS system appeared to be most useful:

Improves businesses positively

POS systems grant wider control over businesses for their owners. By employing a POS system, you can keep track of which products do you sell the most, which products are still in the store, and even how much money did you make for them.

Betters analytical thinking and planning

POS systems allow employees to notice and analyze movements and tendencies in sales processes. Thus, they provide a better chance to precisely predict future trends and general requirements.

Increases your business efficiency

POS systems have a significant impact on a company’s efficiency. They perform tasks that would have otherwise been time-consuming. By managing bills and orders, sales figures, or reports conveniently, POS systems spare employees a lot of wasted time, thus increasing the overall efficiency of a company.

Enhances personal client communication

A POS system permits its users to gather contact information about a client as soon as they make a purchase. This information is beneficial for generating personal offers and growing personal client interaction.

When do you need a POS system?

When do you need a POS system?

We established that a POS system goes a long way in enhancing companies’ efficiencies. However, how can an individual who has always been on the customer’s side of the counter determine when do they possess a dire need for a POS system? Generally, POS systems are beneficial in various fields. Nonetheless, they provide the most fruitful outcomes for businesses. If you are considering launching your own business, you want to keep in mind that investing in a POS system is quite essential. A small business demands an extensive amount of attention and effort to grow. With thousands of tasks and operations running simultaneously, manual tracking may induce mistakes, miss information, or errors, and it becomes time-consuming to track each and every transaction. For instance, to further clarify it, if you are the owner of a restaurant, you will need a POS system to track sales, obtain valuable insights and reports, and ultimately have a precise way of tracking business.

How to use the POS system?

As we recognize the importance of a POS system, it is also vital to highlight the fact that a POS system is only as good as the person using it. The primary purpose of installing a POS system is to ring up sales. Therefore, employees ought to acquaint themselves with the sell screen of the system in use.

The following steps illustrate how to use a POS system:

Add items to the sale:

Employees execute this step of the checkout process using various ways, depending on how the POS system is set up. Such as

  • Scanning the barcode on the product.
  • Looking for it on the sell screen.
  • Using a sell screen shortcut.

Apply discounts:

Most POS systems will allow you to apply discounts on a number of items easily and without having to manually adjust the price.

Take payments:

All POS systems are designed to accept both cash and credit cards. So, this last step should be easy and straightforward.

Guaranteed, some POS systems offer more payment options, including gift cards and mobile payments.

Key Features of a POS System

What is best POS system and Which fulfill my business needs

In recent years, the hunt for the perfect POS system became more and more vicious. Inevitably, the search for it became overwhelming, considering hundreds of systems that are on display on the internet and endless features for each one of them.  Here, we gathered for you the most outstanding, must-have features of a POS system.

Billing and order processing

The most basic functionality a POS system can deliver is the ability to bill and process orders. Additionally, it should be able to receive different payment methods.

Sales monitoring and reporting

POS systems must obtain the ability to generate reports on sales results regularly. This feature will allow the merchants to evaluate the success of their business.

Cross channel returns management

One of the best advantages of a POS system is that it accepts cross channel returns and ensures that refunds and replacements go smoothly from any store location.

Employee management

POS systems also facilitate evaluating employee productivity by managing staffing levels, work hours, and performances.

POS system for a small business

When you are just debating the launch of your new startup business, you will want to aim for a POS system that is relatively inexpensive but all the while strong. The overflow of the tasks that you will need to perform will increase the desire for a POS system that is robust and easy to use. MATIX POS system in Kuwait is our choice for the most suitable POS system for a small business. It is initially free, easy to use, and accumulates the best features of most POS systems. Perhaps the most astonishing feature of MATIX POS is that its users can run their businesses through mobile apps. You can create customized receipts to send via email or print from a receipt printer.

POS system for restaurant

POS system for restaurant

Restaurants seem to form a bigger percentage of POS systems purchasers. Obviously, restaurant businesses deal with the hassle of table management, cash register, printing bar, kitchen, and customer tickets. Therefore, they earned the need for a system that shall accelerate such tasks. We found MATIX Restaurant Management POS system in Kuwait to be the most convenient for food businesses. Matix POS system is a cloud-based restaurant POS and delivery management system. It supplements its users with a wide range of offers, from customer relationship management and back-office management to inventory management, delivery management, and kitchen display system.

POS system for retail

There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that a POS system is essential for any retail business to thrive. However, if you are deciding between POS systems for your retail business, you might want to contemplate choosing more specific features to keep up with the amount of work required. MATIX POS system is perfect for growing retail businesses. This system guarantees your business the lowest incorporated fee processing rate, customized to meet your transaction volume. Furthermore, it automates manual daily tasks like counting inventory and exporting data for accounting. Lastly, it provides users with an app that allows them to control and manage their business from any location.

POS system for Clinics and Hospitals

In the past few decades, the world witnessed the upsurge of the development of technological medical advancements. One of the most notable developments in the design of POS systems to better serve the needs of clinics and hospitals. MATIX Clinic Management system is a truly dynamic system for hospitals. This system is particularly designed to create a significant reduction in paperwork, thus sparing employees plenty of precious time to perform their jobs. This all in one POS system tracks sales, inventory, and medical costs. If you are looking for a system to automate tons of hospital paperwork, organize schedules, and keep track of employees, this is where you want to invest.

POS system for salons and beauty centers

A POS system for beauty salons & Spa performs all basic functionalities of any POS system. Nevertheless, beauty centers require a system with more industry-related features like appointment scheduling and online booking. MATIX is a POS system that gathers a line of features that are necessary for beauty centers. Amongst these features is a calendar that allows you to view the schedule of multiple service providers on one screen. Other features include forms, customer tracking, online booking, and notifications.

POS system for grocery stores

MATIX POS is a management system for small to mid-sized businesses. Although this POS system can be useful to various industries, it’s most compatible with grocery stores. This system provides integrated inventory management, customer management, and retail accounting, including general ledger, purchase contracts, and payroll administration. Moreover, MATIX POS is cloud-based, meaning users can operate it from anywhere and at any time.

To conclude, POS systems are highly valuable software for all businesses and across all industries. Their ability to perform numerous tasks has affected the efficiency of almost every company.  From tracking sales and employees to reducing paperwork and organizing data, POS systems have certainly revolutionized the business industry by casting a positive impact on its operations and duties. Regardless, always keep in mind to choose wisely the POS system that will serve your business. Whatever your choice lands on, we know that the POS system will definitely enhance your business and maybe change your life forever.