Here’s how it all started.

The story began when I decided to design a program for store management applying my limited experience in programming, which I have acquired during two years of self-learning and self-training.
Then, I had a meeting with my friend Ihab Ezat in 1995; the year that marked the first launch of the first sold edition of Alshamel benefiting from some joined efforts between us. My happiness was unprecedented; I felt a honor as I saw an old Accountant using the program that I myself programmed word by word while bringing back all those shy wishes to mind and asking ourselves

“Would the number of our customers reach 100 one day?”.


Tremendous efforts were continuing incessantly, and thanks God the number of customers was increasing and so were the capabilities of Alshamel; its versions were varied until the number of its users exceeded a thousand and it became the number one software for Accounting in the State of Kuwait.

Now, and after more than 20 years serving our customers and since Alshamel has been ranked as the top best local accounting program and the most popular and best seller in Kuwait, I am so pleased to announce my third initiative with my very distinctive work team that is working day and night to fulfil our dear customers’ needs.

Thanks go to my dear colleagues for all their tremendous efforts with me during all the long years that have marked great achievements and I wish ourselves more and more success, prosperity and excellence.

Thanks also go to our dear customers who have always been helping me by their continuous support for my programs in all new sales.
We promise to spend more efforts, development and dedication to provide a unique service.

Mohammed Elsebaey