SISMATIX facilitates the process of identifying and implementing suitable solutions within the diverse
range of options offered by Patient Pluse. Leveraging our team of experts and strategic partnership
with Patient Pluse, equipped with cutting-edge technology, we provide comprehensive support
across a wide spectrum of medical domains and fulfill various medical requirements

Established in 1996, SISMATIX emerged as a leading provider of comprehensive business software solutions in Kuwait. Throughout our journey, we have served a vast clientele of over 3000 customers, offering not only software solutions but also bespoke services encompassing website and mobile app development. Our team comprises certified developers, designers, and technicians who have consistently delivered exceptional services to businesses of all sizes and industries in Kuwait andSaudi Arabia. We take immense pride in our track record of developing robust ERP and POS systems, which have earned the distinction of being the preferred choice for enterprises seeking unparalleled success and exponential growth. Drawing upon our 26 years of experience, we possess a deep understanding of your organization’s objectives and requirements, enabling us to tailor software solutions that effectively address present-day challenges and fulfill the evolving demands of tomorrow. To obtain further details regarding our comprehensive range of services, we kindly request you to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is readily available to provide you with the necessary information and address any inquiries you may have.

Effortless Scheduling

Simplify the process of scheduling and overseeing appointments with ease. Designed to accommodate
clinics of any size or multiple locations, our solution offers a unified and streamlined experience. Enjoy
consistent and transparent scheduling, whether it’s for individuals, rooms, or equipment, ensuring
perfect harmony across all clinic functions.
Efficient Bookings With just a click, you can effortlessly book, modify, or cancel appointments. Tailored
views cater to the specific needs of various roles, from the front desk to the doctor’s room, ensuring a
smooth and efficient booking process.
Uninterrupted Accessibility Our cloud-based system ensures seamless access to your schedule,
enabling you to carry it with you wherever you go. This facilitates remote work capabilities, allowing
your entire team to stay connected and productive regardless of their 

Multiple features

Patient Profile

Digital Identity

Streamlined data input with ID card reader integration and
unique file numbering.

Centralized Records

All vital information, from X-rays to visit history, at your

Transparent Finances

Easy tracking of patient payments and package details

Comprehensive Care

A holistic view of each patient, ensuring the best medical care and experience.

SMS and WhatsApp & payment Gateway

Instant Notifications

Connect with patients through SMS and WhatsApp for timely appointment reminders, confirmations, birthdays, and exclusive offers.

Effortless Payments

Integrate with leading payment gateways. Send direct payment links and automate invoice closures upon payment receipt.

Consistent Experience

Offer your patients a streamlined, connected journey from initial communication to final payment.

Invoicing & Billing

Unified Invoicing

Bundle several appointments into one easy-to-manage invoice.

Flexible Discounts

Offer tailored savings with versatile discount options.

طرق دفع متنوعة

استقبال مجموعة متنوعة من وسائل الدفع، تلبية احتياجات كل عميل.

تتبع الإيرادات

تخصيص ومراقبة الأرباح حسب الطبيب الفردي لتحقيق وضوح وشفافية

Insurance Management

Holistic Management

Oversee insurance mainand subsidiary companiesseamlessly. 

Detailed Schemes

Assign and track insurance plans, ensuring patients are always covered.

Smart Card Integration

Embed insurance card details right into patient profiles for quick access.

Auto-Split Billing

Automated calculations divvyup patient and insurer charges effortlessly.

Appointment Follow Up

Unified Call Center

An all-in-one platform for confirming, rescheduling, and tracking appointments.

Timely Alerts

No more missed visits our reminders keep everyone

Effective Outreach

Boost patient satisfaction and trust with consistent, seamless communication

Streamlined Waitlists & Feedback

Effortless Waitlist

Seamlessly move patients from waitlist to appointment calendar with a single click.

Patient-Centric Approach

Capture and manage patient complaints, ensuring their concerns are addressed promptly.

Insightful Reporting

Understand reasons and gauge satisfaction to refine patient experience

Dedicated Follow-up

Never miss a beat with proactive tracking and resolution.


Real-Time Overview

Stay updated on clinic operations, revenue trends, and patient appointment statuses

Insightful Metrics

Dive deep into actionable data that informs your decisions and optimizes clinic performance

At-a-Glance Health

A comprehensive dashboard that paints the complete picture, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Accounting & Finance


HR & Payroll