Alshamel is a fully integrated business application suite that brings together Inventory Management, production, Financial, Human resources & Payroll.

Alshamel’s deliver solutions that your business needs. With more than 3000 implementations.


Alshamel Financial Management

Furnishes the user with innovative tools set to guarantee complete integration and consolidation of corporate financial data; thus allowing access to valuable reports that are decisive and imperative for strategic management and sound decision making.

Alshamel Inventory Module

Alshamel Inventory, Sales & Purchasing Management software allows you to consolidate inventory systems into a single, integrated warehouse inventory control solution incorporating all stores and sales outlets.
This presents the user with the opportunity to maintain better control over all inventory management operations, in addition to achieving complete integration with the existing Accounts, Sales and Purchasing systems.

Alshamel Human Resources and Payroll

Presents an assortment of versatile and innovative capabilities specifically designed to assist the user with anticipating and fulfilling rapidly changing corporate needs and requirements. The software boasts a spectrum of comprehensive, integrated and advanced tools that seamlessly operate in congruence with existing HR systems and processes.

This contributes to consistently meeting  desired organizational and operational objectives; securing employee loyalty, while minimizing the numerous costs and complexities associated with administering salaries, benefits, recruitment procedures and performance management.


Alshamel Production Module

The production technology section of Alshamel Production Management solution is responsible for determining the manufacturing procedures applicable for each product, defining the required materials of each stage; together with the size of the necessary labor force and number of working hours needed. The technology also details the quality control plan to be implemented and the standard metrics required at the conclusion of each manufacturing stage.

Work Orders and Monitoring Production

Monthly work orders are determined according to the devised plan for each operational group present in the production plant. This allows the user to take full advantage of each group and to improve the efficiency and productivity of workflow cycles.

More than 3000 users using Alshamel